In 2016, Tony originally created The Confessionals on YouTube as a video platform where people could give voice to the strange, extraordinary things they experienced. His YouTube channel attracted worldwide attention, which was followed by a phone call from a leading member of the cryptid community.  They saw value in Tony’s endeavors, and encouraged him to take his work to the next level.  After revamping his creation with eyewitness accounts, narrated stories, and expert guests, The Confessionals was officially reborn as a podcast.

Together with his wife Lindsay— who also grew up playing in the woods and reading books about strange anomalies like Bigfoot and the Bermuda Triangle— Tony produces The Confessionals in his own studio.  The Confessionals is now a podcast that is streamed on iTunesStitcherGoogle PlayBlogTalk Radio and TuneIn. The very first episode of the podcast reached over 3,000 listens in its first week and has since average 6,000-10,000 listens per week. 

Hosted by: Tony Merkel